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France's number one remedy against psoriasis

Dr. DERM is a new innovative cream that can combat the performance of psoriasis. It can not only relieve symptoms in a few applications, but also restore the normal protective function of the skin. If Dr. Dr. can relieve for a long time, DERM will be with you.

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Psoriasis hinders normal life

The worsening of psoriasis makes life impossible

Many people in France are familiar with the problem of psoriasis. Psoriasis is a chronic, recurrent skin disease with unpleasant symptoms. It is not an infectious disease, but the result of autoimmune failure. However, it is related to persistent physical discomfort and the disgusting appearance of damaged skin. Psoriasis with this symptom will make you forget your normal life for a long time.

For people suffering from this disease, the complexity of social illness exacerbates physical illness. Excessive dryness, redness, peeling and plaques of people who are not involved in treatment can cause fear and disgust. The external harsh condition of the skin makes people afraid of infection and avoid contact.

Indeed, it is difficult for people from the outside to believe that psoriasis is not contagious. However, despite this, people with immune system diseases often lose self-confidence and have difficulty establishing relationships and finding jobs. Unfortunately, France has not made much progress in understanding this issue. Psoriasis is difficult to treat, and failed attempts often lead to long-term depression.

DERM doctors effectively combat psoriasis manifestations

Modern medicine is ready to provide an effective solution to fight psoriasis, called Dr. Dr. Dr. Genuine Leather. Due to its natural ingredients, Dr. DERM can easily eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms caused by psoriasis and ensure long-term relief. From the first application, the active ingredients of the cream will penetrate deep into the skin and begin to work immediately.

The cream penetrates deep into the epidermis and has a complex effect: it softens, moisturizes and relieves inflammation, helping to cope with symptoms. However, more importantly, it normalizes cell metabolism and activates the natural protective properties of the skin. Because of this, the improvements achieved can last a long time without aggravating the condition.

The benefits of Dr. DERM are obvious:

Impaired skin protection

The skin is our barrier from the external environment. It prevents parasites and microorganisms from penetrating into the human body, and also prevents solar radiation, temperature fluctuations and dehydration. When the external environment is aggressive, epidermal cells trigger a response that attracts white blood cells to the infection site. Therefore, local immunity can eliminate the threat, but cannot make it into the human body.

However, in the case of psoriasis, the immune response is excessive. During the regeneration process, cells divide very rapidly, and there is no time to go through the entire life cycle. Where they are stratified, metabolic disorders occur and inflammatory foci are formed. During exacerbation, the affected area extends to most areas of the skin. Inappropriate treatment will only make the situation worse. Psoriasis not only affects the skin, but also makes people mentally exhausted. In addition, there is a risk of secondary infection.

Psoriasis with constant itching

Start Dr. DERM now:

The triple effect of promoting skin health

Dr. DERM can play a full role, at the same time can relieve the symptoms of psoriasis, can regenerate and restore the normal immune response, so that the skin can once again play a protective role. The first application can quickly relieve symptoms.

Acute symptom management

At this stage, it is necessary to moisturize, cool and soothe the inflamed skin. Dr. DERM works in a complex way, reducing the discomfort after the first application. Relieves itching, redness and peeling.

Restore health

To restore the aesthetic appearance, Dr. Dr. DERM moisturizes and softens the skin to make it smoother and relieve puffiness. The initiated regeneration process even eliminates the scars and age spots left by psoriasis in the affected area.

Prevent recurrence

Restore the damaged layer of the epidermis

Dr. DERM improves skin elasticity and strengthens its fibers. By activating natural immunity, the damaged layer of the epidermis can be restored at the cellular level.

The formula for internal success

Ordering cream now means restoring skin health in the near future

It is important to choose the right psoriasis treatment

Dr. DERM is a multifunctional natural gel that can help treat all types of psoriasis. Use Dr. DERM to prevent psoriasis, because only it:

  1. Eliminates peeling and itching after the first application.
  2. Remove plaques on the skin.
  3. Only one course of treatment can restore skin health.
  4. Prevent the disease from recurring.
  5. Restore protective barriers.

In 2018, 800 volunteers confirmed the effectiveness of Dr. DERM through scientific experiments.

Prevent the spread of psoriasis

95% agree

Intensive treatment of damaged skin

83% agree

Relieve symptoms of psoriasis

88% agree

Don't tolerate the aesthetic and painful manifestations of psoriasis, because the only thing that makes you irrelevant to the cure is the decision to order the first French psoriasis treatment on our official website. If the psoriasis doctor psoriasis will no longer bother you. DERM will be there.

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Doctor's review

Doctor Dermatologist Philippe Philippe
12 years
Psoriasis cannot be cured completely. The methods currently used in France based on hormone therapy and immunosuppressive agents have serious side effects-addiction, skin atrophy and cancer. Natural creams are very easy to use and completely safe. The best therapy I recommend to my patients is Dr. Dr. Genuine Leather. Its main advantage is that there are no addictive chemicals and steroids. The cream not only effectively eliminates the symptoms of psoriasis, but also can cause long-term relief.